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California Material Handling Equipment Supplier

We've got a fantastic selection of new material handling equipment designed to make your warehouse shelving operations go more smoothly and productively. Our warehouse shelving industrial equipment includes affordable hand pallet trucks with load capacities of 5,000 lbs., 3,300 lbs. and 3,000 lbs.; scale jacks; electric and semi-electric pallet jacks; and more. We want to be your material handling equipment supplier and have put together a collection of units manufactured by Lift-Rite, an industry leader.

We also feature a comprehensive line of LoProfile electric/hydraulic lift tables, manufactured by Bishamon. These range in size from the LX-25L with a 550-lb load capacity to the LX-100W with a load capacity of 2,200-lbs. These offer heavy lifting power from low elevations of as little as 2.9” and 3.3”. Get it all plus superior customer service all at West Coast Shelving!

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Low Profile Pallet Jack Low Profile M5 Truck

Our Price: $450.00
LoProfile Lift Table LX-100N LoProfile Lift Table LX-100N

Bishamon Lift Table 4,400-lb Capacity

The Bishamon LoProfile LX-100N is an electrohydraulic lift table with powerful lifting power from low elevations. This hydraulic scissor lift table can handle capacities of up to 2,200 pounds and has a minimum height of 3.3 inches and a maximum height of 38.6”. Because of the lowered collapsed height, this low-profile electric lift table is ideal for pallet jack and other warehouse material handling.

The LoProfile lift table LX-100N can be used in warehouses, shipping and production facilities, and assembly areas. It’s constructed from heavy-duty materials and with an ergonomic design, so you get the best of functionality and performance from Bishamon. Have a question? Our Customer Support team is only a phone call away and available to answer any questions you may have about the equipment we carry. Call (408) 391-7687, or email us at

Our Price: $625.00
LoProfile Lift Table LX-100WL LoProfile Lift Table LX-100WL

Bishamon LX 100WL Low-Profile Lifting Table

The Bishamon Low-Profile is a lift table with a load capacity of 4,400 pounds and can actually be collapsed to a height as low as 4.3 inches. Because of its low-profile capabilities, the LX 100WL scissor lift table works great with additional equipment like pallet jackets, four-wheel carts and other devices. It can also be utilized with additional equipment like approached ramps and foot-operated controls to make day-to-day tasks easier. If you’re searching high and low for a lift table that’s durable, practical and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, the LoProfile Lift Table LX 100WL will last for years to come!

Our Price: $625.00
Lift-rite Scale Jack Lift-rite Scale Jack

Our Price: $1,965.00
Prime Scale Jack Prime Scale Pallet Jack Scale with PS-IN202SS Indicator

The Prime 5000lb heavy duty pallet jack scale can save you lots of time by weighing and moving around the pallet at the same time. The forks can go as low as 3.25" so the scale will fit most standard pallets.

Our Price: $2,000.00
M22 M22

Our Price: $2,000.00
Big Joe E30 Pallet Truck E30 Electric Pallet Jack

Our Price: $2,850.00
Big Joe M22 M22 - Manual Straddle Truck

Our Price: $4,250.00
PDM 20-106 PDM 20-106

Our Price: $7,000.00
Big Joe S22 e-Stacker S22 - eStacker

Our Price: $7,950.00
Unicarriers WPX Walkie Pallet Truck Unicarriers Heavy Duty Jack

Our Price: $10,000.00
Big Joe PDS Stacker PDS Stacker

Our Price: $10,250.00
WRT-60 Rider Electric Power Pallet Truck WRT60

Our Price: $10,950.00
Big Joe CB22 Counterbalance Stackers CB22

Our Price: $12,200.00
J1 Joey Order Picker J1 Joey Task Support Vehicle

Our Price: $14,200.00