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Complete Pallet Racking Systems

Heavy-duty pallet racking systems have become one of the favorite warehouse racking system options due to their great flexibility in storing all kinds of inventory. With proper decking, pallet racks for warehouses can easily handle fully loaded pallets and drums weighing as much as 2,500 per square foot and more. Warehouse pallet racking is affordable, easy to install and just about maintenance free. Industrial pallet racks have the dual advantage of being extra strong, able to bear up against extra-heavy loads, plus they have the durability to stand up to abuse not easily handled by lighter weight racking systems. This gives them increased versatility. In addition, figured over the long run because of their resistance to damage, they may actually be less expensive.

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Load Beams Load Beams

These beams can handle your heaviest loads. Manufactured by Action Wholesale and Interlake Mecalux. Each beam features a built-in safety clip that prevents detachment from upright.

Please note: Allow a minimum of 3" clearance between pallet(s) and uprights. For example, two 48" wide pallets would require 108" long load beams. Two beams are needed for each shelf, with capacities based on evenly distributed load. Priced per beam. Please note: Model # I-6144 includes 4-pin connector.