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Storage Racking Accessories

We stock a selection of shelving and storage rack accessories to utilize with your other pallet rack components to ensure the complete safety and sturdiness of your shelf and racking systems. These storage racking supplies include front-to-back supports made from wood for lighter loads, and for heavier loads, the supports are made from steel. You'll also find among our industrial shelving and storage rack supply items a choice of two different types of pallet rack row spacers, which are used to ensure that the space between each of your rows of racks is kept uniform. You can choose either green row spacers or galvanized units. Prices for each are the same.

For added safety from incidental damage done to your pallet racks or shelving posts from forklifts or other machinery operating in your warehouse, you'll want to consider the installation of some V-nose guards around your upright posts. These guards are sized to fit the uprights you're using.

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Green Row Spacers Row Spacers - Green

Connect your pallet racks with these green row spacers.

Our Price: $6.80
Bolt on Post Protectors Bolt on Post Protectors

Bolt on Protector keeps the floor clear and enables you to install the protection at the exact height you need.

No need for drilling concrete to anchor the guards. The bolts fit into the accessory bolt holes on your rack uprights.

Our Price: $14.00
Handle It Rack Protector Warehouse Rack Post Upright Protectors

These V-Nose Guards offer superior protection to the racking posts. They are designed to withstand impact from forklifts along with any other machine traffic throughout your warehouse.

Our Price: $24.00
Guard Rail Guard Rail

Standard and Heavy Duty Protection System

Our Price: $41.00
Bollard Bollard 42" Medium Duty

Bollards are used as impact protection for various areas in your warehouse. With a minimal footprint they can be used to guard building corners, doorways, rack ends, machinery, and any other situation where you need to protect from equipment traffic.

Our Price: $82.00
Rack Protector Left/Right Hand Protector For 48" Upright

One side Rack Protector

Our Price: $104.00
Double Ended Rack Protector Double Ended Rack Protector For 48" Upright

Double Ended Rack Protector

Our Price: $150.00