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Eoslift LH10 Order Picker

  • Safety

    •  The position of the steering wheel is displayed clearly, which is convenient for the operator to control and operate. 
    • The Auxiliary lifting function is standard configuration, which can avoid the operator to squat, reduce the work intensity ad improve the efficiency


    • Maintenance-free AC motor
    • The machine body is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the main parts can be easily inspected
    • Battery cover can be turned and opened, easy battery maintenance


    • Integrated protection operation mode
    • Driving position with backrest for driving comfort
    • Wide view of the shelf can obviously improve driving comfort
    • Spacious operation space and braking area, with high-quality floor mats, ensure that the staff have enough space to change the foot
  • Product Specifications
    Model LH10
    Power Type Battery
    Operation type Stand on
    Rated Capacity 2200 lbs.
    Load Center 19.68 in.
    Front Overhang 5.826 in.
    Wheelbase 55.51 in.
    Service weight(Inc. Battery) 5489.51 lbs.
    Weight distribution when loaded,drive side/load side 2072 lbs. / 5621.78 lbs.
    Weight distribution when unloaded,drive side/load side 3108.51/ 2380.99 lbs.


    Wheel Types PU
    Drive Wheel 10x 3.93 in.
    Load Wheel 5.90x 3.54 in.
    # of wheels. front/rear (x=drive wheel) 4/1x
    Wheel tread, load side 39.68 in.
    Mast closed height 90.55 in.
    Lift height 108.66 in.
    Mast extended height 197.24 in.
    Overhead guard height 88.58 in.
    Platform min. ground clearance 10.23 in.
    Auxiliary lift height 27.55 in.
    Platform max. ground clearance 2.75 in.
    Overall length 111.22 in.
    Length to fork face 69.094 in.
    Overall width 45.27 in.
    Fork size 42.12/ 3.93/ 1.57 in.
    Fork outside width 27.55 in.
    Mast ground clearance 1.96 in.
    Body ground clearance 1.96 in.
    Aisle width, pallet 1000*1200 (C=500mm) 122.83 in.
    Aisle width, pallet 800*1200 (C=600mm) 127.16 in.
    Turning radius 63.97 in.
    Driving speed (load/unload) 3.72/3.92 m/h
    Lifting speed (load/unload) 4.52/5.51 mm/s
    Lowering speed (load/unload) 5.31/ 5.51 mm/s
    Brake type Electromagnetic type
    Driving motor (S2-60min) 2.5 kw
    Lifting motor (S3-15%) 3 kw
    Battery voltage /capacity 24/400 V/Ah
    Battery Weight 771.61 lbs.
    Driving motor type AV
    Driver ear noise(EN12053) 70 dB(A)
    Steering system EPS
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