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The PTE33N (The Edge 33) 3,300lb capacity, lithium electric pallet truck eliminates operator fatigue, struggling, backaches and injuries. Greatly increase your work productivity with this economical, quiet, very low maintenance, ultra-smooth, fully electric pallet jack. It is the ideal choice for delivery and retail operations.


Ergonomic and robust, this electric pallet truck has a maintenance-free lithium battery with one-hand removal and a tight turning radius. Perfect for applications within confined spaces like elevators, trailers, containers, and mezzanines warehouses.

View Specs Here.

Noblelift PTE33N Electric Pallet Truck

    • Unit Type: Lithium Electric Pallet Truck
    • Load Capacity: 3,300lb
    • Load Center: 24"
    • Power: 24 volt / 20 Ah
    • Maintenance-Free Lithium Battery
    • Battery Charger: 24V/8A Charger 110V
    • Fork Dimensions: 27" W x 45.3" L Standard
    • Max Fork Height: 7.6"
    • Collapsed Height: 3.1"
    • Turning Radius: 50" / 52.3"
    • Vehicle Dimensions: Download Brochure
    • Travel Speed: Download Brochure
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